About me

Name: Henna Mäkelä
B-day: 5th of August 1989
Occupation: Designer
School: Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Fashion and Clothing Design, 2009-2013.
Country: Finland
City: Jyväskylä

I would love to put up a business of my own. A small buotique that has only unique pieces - things that indicates my design philosophy and my persona. I love colors, asymmetry and simple silhouettes which have something interesting in them, like interestingly placed seams. My designing style is structure oriented and I think it is really important to know how to make clothes and not just how to draw them. I dream of working abroad and it would be a dream come true if on some say my boutique would be on Melbourne's streets.

I get my inspiration from movies, games, tv-series, comics, literature and street fashion. At the moment I draw particular attention to the stages of the Asian culture and the effects of it to clothing.

One of my hobbies is cosplay. In cosplay you dress up as a imaginary character, like from a game, comic or a movie. My goal is always to make my costumes as close to the reference pictures as it is possible. Making the patterns and sewing the costumes is one of the best parts of cosplaying, but the best part is the moment when you go to cosplay convention and people recognize your costume and wants to take picture. It makes me feel happy and proud of myself that I really could make someone else happy too.

I also own few asian ball jointed dolls, from size 42cm to 75cm, and I make the clothes for them and photograph them. Since the size difference between the dolls and humans are so big, it's really fun to design and make clothes in so many sizes.